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Iszhana Giresh is an entrepreneur and multi-disciplinary artist venturing the path of the creative world within every aspect of her life. A fine artist, graphic designer, tattoo artist, dancer, photographer, lighting designer; an artist in every sense of the word. She approaches every aspect of her life with a creative mindset, and this is reflected in her work.


She’s an undergraduate at the University of Melbourne, undertaking a Bachelor's in Design & Production, double majoring in Performance Design and Graphic Design. This academic background has allowed her to gain a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of her creative work, and to hone her skills in these areas. 


Her business "Iszhana" is a creative studio through which she offers a range of creative services to clients. She creates customised artwork for individuals and corporates. She collaborates with companies and individuals to provide design solutions that are tailored to suit their needs, including logo design, branding, content creation digital marketing, web design, and more. Iszhana also works as a lighting designer for events, theatre and film. 


Her creative vision is to a build a sense of community and belonging in the creative industry, and to empower other creatives. She is working towards this by highlighting raw and honest dialogue in her podcast, “CreativiTEA”, to highlight and learn from other badass creators, fun sip and paints, and explorative art therapy. Her diverse skill set and ability to work across multiple mediums make her a valuable asset to any project or collaboration, and her unique perspective and artistic vision allow her to create truly original and inspiring work.

Take a minute to explore and enjoy my work!

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