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Flatness vs. Projection

My given Mario elevations

I began by drawing my first middle block and then started again from the front, working my way backwards. I used my elevations only to a certain degree, wherein I took in to consideration how much space was being held by certain objects.


To initiate the idea of complexity, I decided to place my drawing in a circular oval structure that juxtaposed with a lot of cubic and rectangular elements. 

The elevations I received of the Mario world had an earthy and neutral colour palette which I related to Analytical Cubism, which inspired me a lot during my colouring process. 


I kept a muted colour palette with a lot more shadows as my Mario samples were set at night time and were heavy on darker tones and shadows.

I have focused on the texture of the mountain blocks as that was the main object in my given elevation and took up the most space. My aim was to break these apart and create smaller sectional cuts of the mountain and use them in different ways.


 I wanted to focus on the idea of momentum and functionality. I did this by using the blocks in repetition to indicate pathways, and created an action taking place within my world with the help of my blue bonus elements.

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