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Frame vs. Field

Virgin and Child with Two Angels,

Andrea Del Verrocchio,


I decided to focus on the main objectives of oblivion, ignorance, chaos, carelessness, and wastefulness in the city of Ersilia. My storyline was greatly inspired by the paintings I found, and i used light as a tool to streamline and guide the viewers eye. This is something i reworked to fine tune upon my tutors reviews.

I have used the directional notation to bring about the idea of relocation through the creation of a spider web like image that was also mentioned in the text. I have used the weight and atmosphere rings to show the looming atmosphere of destruction as they come down in a cone like structure to emphasize the density. I reworked this to remove a few rings as they were too overpowering. I wanted to show the idea of history repeating itself through the green spiral, and the idea of chaos to be in a constant never ending loop. The gazes show all the world’s staring at the current a Ersilia, and you can see my glance arrows of the characters looking at the central dancing figure. I have chosen to shade my blocks in accordance to the boundary of the worlds and I have chosen to shade more of the blocks at the current city of destruction to show that that’s where the action is taking place.

In my first perspective I wanted to juxtapose the idea of chaos and calmness to emphasize the state of oblivion. This is why I have chosen to show the destroyed cities behind the main figure, that they are too caught up to even notice. Which is why I chose the cynicism wash for my first perspective.


In my second perspective you can see people relocating by ships, and can also see brand new city in the back which they would be relocating to, and once again destroy which is why I have chosen the tension wash for my second perspective.


Perspective 1

Perspective 2

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